personal accident insurance

What is Personal Accident Insurance?

A Personal Accident Insurance is an insurance that guarantees protection to the insured person (s) and possible beneficiaries, in the face of the consequences of an accident. 

Personal Accident Insurance is often viewed as a "poor relative" of insurance or unnecessary insurance. Still, its usefulness in dealing with difficult situations is much higher than at first glance.

What are the coverages of a Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal Accident Insurance can include specific activities (such as riding a motorcycle, sports, mountaineering, and other cases.) or the person's simple day-to-day activities. You can also contemplate the professional and extra-professional period. 

Please note that Personal Accident Insurance should not be confused with Work Accident Insurance, which is mandatory by law. These are two different realities.

Work Accident Insurance x Personal Accident Insurance?

The first significant difference is the legal requirement for Workplace Accident Insurance, while Personal Accident Insurance is optional.

While Personal Accident Insurance can cover both professional and private activity, Workplace Accident Insurance covers the professional business of policyholders exclusively.

The Occupational Accident Insurance contemplates the payment of an indemnity relative to the worker's salary and the amount of all necessary expenses until the restoration of the state of health. On the other hand, Personal Accident Insurance pays only up to the contracted capital.

For example: if we hire a Personal Accident Insurance whose capital for treatment expenses is € 1,000, the Company will only pay costs up to that limit, regardless of the real charges.

But what are the advantages of Personal Accident Insurance? 

First and foremost, we highlight the financial support to face a loss of income due to an accident and the payment of extra expenses resulting from that accident. Such as treatment expenses or even funeral expenses, thus ensuring proper protection of personal and family finances.

Another advantage is that, depending on the coverage contracted, it may also give rise to compensation in the event of death or incapacity for work.

In the latter case, Personal Accident insurance is a complement to the amount you eventually receive from Social Security in case of disability.

What kind of Personal Accident Insurance exists? 

At Socalmed, we have extensive experience in this type of insurance. We have solutions for virtually all your needs. Here are some examples:

  • Group Personal Accident Insurance;
  • Individual Personal Accident Insurance;
  • Family Accident Insurance;
  • Cyclist Accident Insurance
  • Travel Accident Insurance;
  • Kite Surf Accident Insurance;
  • International Student Accident Insurance.

What is your need? 

We evaluate the best solutions for your case by adapting the coverings you need. Contact us without any commitment, and we will be happy to help you.

The Socalmed agency in Caldas da Rainha is reliable for any test. We are received each time as if we were very important people. Having subscribed with them different contracts ( car, home, health) we are pleasantly surprised when to the attention and listening that they have for us. Being totally excited by this agency and its staff, I allowed myself to bring friends who needed advice and various assurances. Congratulations again, you are the best
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